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Commemorative Sculpture of Richard Crosbie


Richard Crosbie

To commemorate the achievement of Richard Crosbie, Ireland’s first aviator, a sculpture by Dubliner Rory Breslin was unveiled on Sunday, 28 September 2008 in Ranelagh Gardens by councillor Mary Freehill along with Irish Times columnist Frank McNally and Rose Doherty, a local resident and mother of former world snooker champion Ken Doherty.

It was on January 19th 1785 that Richard Crosbie launched his hydrogen balloon from Ranelagh Gardens in front of a huge crowd of spectators and made a short flight across Dublin to land near Clontarf.

This was a remarkable achievement, occurring just 14 months after the first-ever manned balloon flight of the Montgolfier Brothers hot air balloon in France.

 Ranelagh Gardens
 The site where Richard Crosbie launched his balloon is still called Ranelagh Gardens and is now a small park in the south Dublin suburb of Ranelagh.